Drumming for Gold

Some stories are meant to be told, some ain’t, this one definitely is!Conditions were rather perfect, overcast and the bay was as calm as we could ever dream her to be. Essentially everything was shaping up for a stellar day of chasing gold. Company is always great when we have a chance to do this with our good friend. Day starts with lots of suspend marks showing up on the finder, though we were mostly looking for those big, solitary hooks. Didn’t take long for the first rod to fire and we were into a herd of sheep.

Right color, wrong species, but they kept us well entertained over the course of the morning. With good weight and the anticipation of the drum roll, those guys definitely give you quite the workout.

All fun and games but its about time for the first sign of gold, Rob cracks the ice with this lovely fella.

Time flies by, the weather is holding up beautifully and good old Quinte is giving us her most well behaved side.

When you’re catching them like this you just don’t want to stop.  We had a blast doing this all afternoon, exchanging stories, clearing lines and landing one after the other. Great team effort and high fives all around!

All good things must come to an end, this one is no exception, the next hunt for bay eyes will be over the ice. Said goodbye to a good friend, for now, and Bassassins are ready to retreat, with big smirks on our faces of course! Being able to spend a day out like this in late October was a real treat.

Tight lines

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