We are all about creating great imagery on our fishing adventures by giving the viewer something different and the GoScope Extreme was the ultimate accessory we didn’t know we were missing. The GoPro has been a vital part of our arsenal for a couple of years now, always attached to us and ready to roll at the first sign of action.

The GoPro pole was an awesome addition. Its lite weight and compact design allows you to easily carry it around attached to you without even noticing it.  This allowed us to continue on business as usual but gain its many benefits right when we needed them.

The first thing we noticed when replaying the first videos shot with the GoScope was how improved the steadiness of the video was.  The scope eliminates all the shakiness that is created by holding the camera in your hand.  The difference was incredible and will make for much more fluent video and improved photo quality.

Now lets get to the big stuff – we were shocked by the incredible angles that you can create with having the camera on the 37 inch extension.  The distance created is perfect to capture you, the fish and the beautiful scenery behind you.  Plus with a little strategic angling of the pole it was easy to totally cut it out of the shot giving the illusion of having a camera man taking the photo.  Whether it be up high to give an aerial view, straight out in front of you, held close to the ground or water shooting up or dunked under the water to get an incredible release – the GoScope was up to the task and blew our expectations out of the water.

The only thing we had an issue with was if we attached the GoPro alone to the scope you were not able to pivot the camera on the pole very much.  However we were able to add two pivot attachments to create an extended arm that can be pivoted to any angle with ease.

In the end we can say with its lite and compact design, benefits of steadier filming and the incredible camera angles that it creates the GoScope is one accessory that we won’t leave on any fishing adventure without.  Gone are the days of shaky video and awkward close ups, we will always be scoping it out!!!

**Disclosure of Material Connection: I received GoScope Extreme for free from GoScope as coordinated by Deep Creek PR an Outdoor Retailer Public Relations Company in consideration for review publication**


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