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Tournament Day

08/25/13 – This date had been circled on my calendar for months. The nerves and excitement building each and every time I saw it. What would it be like? How would it turn out? Was I ready for this? Always sitting in the back of my mind every time I hit the water, my confidence would waver with the bad days and be heightened with the good. I took advantage of every opportunity I could to learn, practice and perfect my skills that could make the difference. Some say it is the most humbling sport there is, even the best of the best have off days… is tournament fishing for me? could I compete?

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Ontario’s Highlands WINNING Contest Video

Smooth had the pleasure to spend a little time on the water during his “Take Your Best Shot” adventure to Limerick Lake Lodge.  This is his contest video – the facebook contest was held from August 23rd to 31st and people voted for the one that they liked the best.

WE WON!!! Couldn’t be happier and THANK YOU TO ALL OUR FANS THAT VOTED!!!

Tight Lines!

Personal Victories

Fishing is meant to be the ultimate escape from our day to day lives. For you it could be weekends at the cottage racing the sunrise to your honey hole, days off hiking through the back woods in search of your next lake x, months of preparation to find the greatest week long vacation with the greatest fishing on the greatest lake or simply fifteen minutes out of your lunch break to daydream while checking local forums.

The escape is always taunting us and the high we feel when we finally slip into the fishing universe is unmatched by any other substance, moment or activity in our lives. There will always be ups and downs in this passion we all share but realize that this high you are achieving is special and will stay with you longer if you celebrate your own personal victories. You shouldn’t want to be better than everyone else, you should want to be better than you ever thought you could be.

Tight lines….


Take Your Best Shot!

In spring I was the winner of the Ontario’s Highlands “Take Your Best Shot” GoPro contest where I was awarded a little adventure in the highlands.  A pretty easy decision for me as I chose to do the fishing adventure that was offered to Limerick Lake Lodge.  With Basstard on an adventure of his own this week and the fact it was a trip that involved three nights in a cabin I figured my fiancee was the best person to bring along.

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Monkey off my back…

With Basstard still stuck at work I hooked up with John D on the JDB for some St. Lawrence River action. Obviously the stories of this water system had me pumped for the possibility of a new PB! Zero sleep, early morning pick up – sounds like the start of an epic adventure to me.

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Happy Canada Day

With Basstard stuck pulling double after double at the restaurant, my other fishing buddies hitting the tournament on Sunday and my gang of friends heading to sandbanks for the long weekend. I finally hit up an invitation from Chad McNamara of to tackle his home stretch of the Ottawa River. Although bummed I was alone for the weekend it was pretty easy to get very excited about this outing. It may be because he posted a 6.1lbs largie last week or because I knew the weather was finally going to cooperate and I would finally get some sun.

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Marvelous Muskie

The weather has been all over the place this summer and that has been moving the water levels up and down in some of our favorite fishing spots. Today we were finally able to hit our home stretch for some bass and ended up with this HUGE surprise in the shallows of the Rideau. She must have been hungry to hit Basstards soft plastic but we won’t complain. PB for the Bassassins at 47″ and a fish we won’t soon forget.

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