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New Beginnings

Living so close to Petrie now I knew we needed to have something on the water at the island. I had an old 14ft HARBERCRAFT aluminum boat that belonged to my grandfather brought up to the city for me to work on. It hadn’t seen the water in almost 20 years so once we knew it floated I went to work on a plan to make it ours.

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A German Christmas

What better way to celebrate Christmas than going out with the lads and fish, no?! Wrapped up the last busy days at work, finished all the shopping and now its time for a little treat. A local outing down to Walleye Bay was just what we all needed,

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Salmonella Poisoning

Highly infectious and extremely addictive. There is no known cure, once exposed to it will shape your life.

Even while writing this, the aftermath still rumbles through our veins.  The only wish is to go back, do it again, regardless the tiredness and exhaustion we are left with.

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