We came, we saw, we conquered…

Its brisk out this morning, even though the sun is up its still chilly and the wind is up quiet a bit, so less than stellar conditions to say the least. The little 4hp drives our 10′ aluminumcraft  towards our first spot. We only fished this lake in the winter time, so open water was a first. Regardless, we had basic understanding of its character, shallow and weedy, hardly any structure at all.

Searching for anything that would stick out of this sloppy mess was a priority. Cruising along the shore lines quickly revealed what we were looking for, a change in the consistant and it came by the way of large rocky patches sprinkled throughout the thick vegetation like leopard print. These isolated oasis stick out like a soar thumb visible to us and the fish.

We have the location, lets find the pattern.

The water is crystal clear, we started drawing bass in from a distance with spinner baits, picking off the shy followers one by one with the wacky sick sticks. It’s a just in case tactic that lets you cover lots of ground and helps you locate and understand the fish, specifically when tackling shallow waters with high visibility.

Location – check!

Pattern – check!

Lets have some fun.


When a system works, it works so as they say…

Don’t leave fish to find fish!

We stayed in the general area all day cruising up and drifting down. Keeping it simple, sticking to what was working and just having a blast doing it. You know you are having fun and enjoying one of those highlight fishing days when time flies and you loose all sense of what is going on around – just you, your buddy and fish after fish.

A little friendly competition is always healthy and it was great to see we could step up to the challenge with such success. Fun was had by all with lots of smiles and bass for everyone – thanks boys for the invite!!!

On this Thanksgiving we were thankful for bass thumb – Tight Lines…

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