We went bass fishing…. hmmm

Today we were both together on the water again and joined John to do some BASS FISHING – it was a breathtaking launch and such a beautiful day on the water!!! I guess we must have made up with mother nature – she hadn’t been very nice to us this year so far.

UNFORTUNATELY the big fish didn’t get the message that we were on the JDB looking for them. We started early hunting for smallies in deeper water – found dink pike and lots of bite offs. Moved on to fish for largies in some slop and weed beds – found greedy greedy perch and a tank of a smallie.

When the sun got over head we were able to find some largies under trees in a back channel but couldn’t find anything with any size – clone 1 1/2 – 2lbs pigglets.

Not the report we were planning on writing and a very strange day indeed BUT we won’t complain.

More adventures coming soon!

Tight lines..

Basstard & Smooth

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