Take Your Best Shot!

In spring I was the winner of the Ontario’s Highlands “Take Your Best Shot” GoPro contest where I was awarded a little adventure in the highlands.  A pretty easy decision for me as I chose to do the fishing adventure that was offered to Limerick Lake Lodge.  With Basstard on an adventure of his own this week and the fact it was a trip that involved three nights in a cabin I figured my fiancee was the best person to bring along.

As part of the adventure we had two days with a boat and I was really looking forward to taking Mel fishing for her first “big mouth” bass.  I made sure to correct her when she told other people what she was catching, I promise.

Day one started out a little windy but that sun was amazing!  It didn’t take long for me to figure out the best way to keep the little 14 footer on some fish was to hit a little bay that was sheltered from the gusts.  Fishing was a little slow, if we had a bucket of worms it would have been a blast with the pan fish but we were hunting for largies.  Then it happens! Mel throws a perfect cast into the tree edge, has a bigger splash at her frog and her first largemouth bass.

Didn’t take long until she was taking me to school with that frog – like a pro already….

I decided that I had better show up or this was going to be quite the embarrassing first day for me on the water…. so I put the PowerTeam Lures Sick Stick to work – I had discussed this technique with a bunch of you in a recent forum post about weight or no weight.  I had gotten a lot of really good feedback about specific set ups that had worked for everyone – thank you.  With the wind up moving the boat around and fishing a bit deeper structure I was fishing the Sick Stick on a size 1 KAMAKAZI red circle hook with a small round split shot above the hook.  I found it allowed the weight to sink a little faster and the fact it was a round split shot instead of with wings it didn’t caused any snags – was able to land this nicer largie off a sunken tree branch in about 8FOW.

Mel was done with her frog and wanted to play with some sticks as well, her confidence started to get to her a little, didn’t even wait for the net on this one.

As the bass started to finally pick up the storm was rolling in overhead. There were one too many rumbles in the sky for my new fishing partner so back to the boat house we go.

Unfortunately that storm not only put a damper on our first day but flipped a switch for the weather and we woke to 11C and 25km/h winds.  So day two had a short outing before lunch that didn’t produce a thing – wasn’t a total loss as we strapped the gear down, burned some gas and played around a little in the waves.

A relaxing afternoon and a late lunch put us back on the water for an incredible evening, things were about the same weather wise until around 6:30pm when the wind just stopped.  It was super special sharing one of our favorite fishing moments with Mel; no wind, calm water, sun setting, lots of wildlife making noise…. those moments just at sunrise or just at sunset that are unforgettable for most anglers – couldn’t keep the smile off her face.

Simply beautiful…..

OH YEAH!!! I also landed this just before we called it a night … WHAT AN EXCLAMATION MARK!!!  One of our last passes of the trip, off a small clump of logs.  I honestly thought I set my hook into one of the branches….. very happy when it started to fight back!!!  Funniest conversation besides the big mouth / large mouth conversation day one was definitely the one we had when this fish hit.


Mel – where is the gopro? should I get to gopro?

Rob – the net, GET the net!

Mel – what about the gopro?

Rob – @#$&# the gopro we need to land this one!

Mel – Ohhh ok!

A great assist on the net job I do have to say….

The night ended with another beautiful sunset, the starting of another fire and another day to laugh about before bed….

We want to thank Ontario’s Highlands for the contest and sending us on this trip.  Also George and the gang at Limerick Lake Lodge were incredible, if you are ever in Gilmour, Ontario (near Bancroft) or are looking for a great fishing adventure off the beaten path that promises some great bass action – this is definitely a place to consider.  The boat launch is super close to the lodging and camping. The shacks are very clean, fully equipped with bbq, fire pit, AC, wifi, kitchen – what more could you ask for?  Mel and I had a great few days and a well needed vacation away from the big city. Please keep your eyes out for our “Take Your Best Shot” contest video that will be available middle of August.

Thanks for reading – tight lines.


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