Here Comes the BOOM!

Chevy and I have been trying to hit the water all year and unfortunately we couldn’t get things together. With him heading back to school in a week we FINALLY found a day that we both had off to go hut some Largies.

Oddly the Smallies didn’t get the memo….

BUT thankfully Chevy is a Largie whisperer and know exactly where they were hiding…

Let the games begin…

I told Chevy it wouldn’t be a day of fishing if I didn’t see that smile… so he caught one worth smiling about.

I had to step up my game in the presents of the whisperer and catch the highlight!

… we had a couple of curve balls that ended our day a little early – I will leave that report to Chevy! Not the BOOM we wanted!!! All and all an amazing morning on the water and the wait was definitely worth it. Hopefully it won’t take a whole season for us to get back on the water again together soon … that smile I just have to see in person again. LEGENDARY!!!

Thanks for a great day Chevy … until next time! Tight Lines….


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