Fish On – Urban Warriors

“Is there even any fish in there?”

My favorite question that is, as I do a cast towards that boulder, right where I’ve seen a big shadow rocking back and fourth in the current.

A simple wacky rig hits the rock, bounces off and tumbles gently in the water followed by an instant explosion.

“Fish on.”, I shout.

The stage is set, all players are in position and a viscous fight unravels under the eyes of the spectators.

I can hear a kid standing ashore,

“Mommy, mommy, the guy has a fish”

A few seconds later and its all over, a 3 lb small mouth has rendered it self in to submission. It glides on to my open palm, carefully lifting her out of the water. I can feel her heartbeat and often wonder what fish make of this “out of water” experience.

The single hook comes out with ease and this beautiful specimen patiently endures a quick photo shoot. A swift lift towards the river bank and the day for a few curious children is made. The excitement joy in their faces is only matched by my own.



Slowly lowering this deceivingly well behaved bruiser back in to the water.
Taking off with a feisty splash, leaving me with a refreshing shower and every one else laughing.

Its a good day, its a Tuesday, most folks are at work, some leisurely strolling in the park. I am on my break and decided to slip away for a few quiet minutes. Getting a quick fix for my restless and full blown addiction.



The Rideau River, Downtown Ottawa, quiet naturally curving through the cityscape. Hearing the traffic, hearing the water running, birds chirping and bass jumping, knowing I am in the right spot. In a few minutes its time to go back to the day job, maybe one more cast, one more fight, but it wouldn’t matter at this point, I am deeply satisfied.

A smirk stuck in my face for the rest of the day, knowing what I have done, knowing I will do it soon again.



When ever people ask me where to fish, there is always this easy answer. Fish are every where, literally, so fish everywhere, where ever water is accessible. Fish where you see us fishing, fish where you see other people fishing.

The important thing is that you are fishing!

It doesn’t really matter where, trust in the fact that there is plenty of water filled with plenty of fish and with a little determination and sense for adventure they can be caught.

If it is a can of worms for cat fish from the peer at Brittany Bay,



stalking bass and musky a long the shores of the Rideau River,

chasing walleye from the path way down by the locks,


or simply picking rock bass and sunfish at Dows lake.



Fish are everywhere, so go for an urban adventure and you will see the city with new eyes. Explore places you never been, all for the sake of catching a fish. Simply because you can!

Tight lines








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  • Alexei September 6, 2013   Reply →

    Great post guys! I’m a beginning downtown Ottawa angler, and the early goings were rough. My little trips on work breaks have been getting more and more productive though. Really enjoy the pictures and vids you guys post on your site. Keep up the great work! Cheers

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