Ontario’s Highlands WINNING Contest Video

Smooth had the pleasure to spend a little time on the water during his “Take Your Best Shot” adventure to Limerick Lake Lodge.  This is his contest video – the facebook contest was held from August 23rd to 31st and people voted for the one that they liked the best.

WE WON!!! Couldn’t be happier and THANK YOU TO ALL OUR FANS THAT VOTED!!!

Tight Lines!

Marvelous Muskie

The weather has been all over the place this summer and that has been moving the water levels up and down in some of our favorite fishing spots. Today we were finally able to hit our home stretch for some bass and ended up with this HUGE surprise in the shallows of the Rideau. She must have been hungry to hit Basstards soft plastic but we won’t complain. PB for the Bassassins at 47″ and a fish we won’t soon forget.

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Bassassins Ice Fishing 2013, Reflective

An amazing season has come to an end. Always on the hunt for adventure, fish and fun were plentiful. As much as it pains me to let this one go, open waters will soon lead the way to new challenges. What better way to celebrate this harsh but glorious winter but with a “Big Old Mix Tape”.

With no further adieu…


We had the honour to fish with an excellent bunch of skilled icers. Wish we could have been out with more, but time is so little and more seasons shall come. Early morning walleyes, complimented with pike setting fire to the tip ups, followed by after noon jumbo perch and slab crappy delights…ripping through the water columns chasing lake trout. We had it all.

Victory at times came with a cost but no giant is for free and perhaps we still carry the consequences. But experience has shown that there is always light at the end for those who pursue and endure. The combination of day trips and local scouting missions quickly became a weekly exercise. Surely there was no shortage of opportunities waiting to be ceased.

There are no favourite seasons and we are always excited for the one to come.

Winters in Ontario can be unpredictable at best but one thing you can be sure of is that mother nature doesn’t care for days off work. She is as cruel as she is beautiful.

For us, every minute counts and this is a time for great adventure. The hardship is as much part of the experience as the success.

Take it or lea– …wait a minute is this a trick question?

There are no excuses needed as 3 am often comes too soon, little sleep willingly traded quickly for the promise of adventure. Going through minus 35 C without windchill, and no shelter, to the days of basking in the sun with a light sweater on, no chance is left to waste.

Fueled by the prospect of elusive beasts, menacing and powerful, under freezing conditions and most vulnerable to the elements with a possible chance for great tragedy, no questions asked. Well…

Yes Sir, Of course Sir

Nature is at its best when she is raw and intense, bigger than yourself. The challenge is only met by its rewards.

Times get tough, the tough go ice fishing…

Spring is approaching fast, which means high anticipations at Bassassins’ headquarters. Pike spawn, steel-head runs, big carp and gar in May, small mouth and musky all summer long, chunky fall walleyes and first ice. Its a perfect loop.

Stay tuned

Tight Lines

Basstard & Smooth

Smooth PB Walleye

After a few weeks of slower morning runs Basstard and I convinced the wives to let us run out for a little evening experiment. We were itching to fish with some sick drop shotting soft plastics that our friends at FishHound had sent us. I picked Basstard up at his place and headed off to a spot we knew would be holding some nice fat fall smallmouth. This system is a shallow running flat that leads out into a deeper pool

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Bassassins – Fallin for the Miss – Multi Species Fall Fishing – 2012

“Fallin’ for the Miss” is showcasing sport fishing on the Mississippi River in Ontario. We are truly blessed to have such fantastic fishery right at our doorstep. This clip features the usual suspects that are to be caught this time a year. The small mouth bass are gaining girth and feeding aggressively. The Walleyes really seem to enjoy the cooler days of fall too, and Pikes are lurking around every corner all year long.

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Bassassins – Home Run – Bass Fishing Downtown Ottawa Summer 2012

Here are a few highlights from our favourite little stretch of water in the heart of Canadas Capital, Ottawa. A small summer paradise for the avid fisherman.

The Rideau River, 5 minutes from home, represents the finest urban fishing in North America. Everything from Perch to Musky can be found a few steps down the road, but there is one species that will leave all the others in the dust.

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