Salmonella Poisoning

Highly infectious and extremely addictive. There is no known cure, once exposed to it will shape your life.

Even while writing this, the aftermath still rumbles through our veins.  The only wish is to go back, do it again, regardless the tiredness and exhaustion we are left with.

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Tournament Day

08/25/13 – This date had been circled on my calendar for months. The nerves and excitement building each and every time I saw it. What would it be like? How would it turn out? Was I ready for this? Always sitting in the back of my mind every time I hit the water, my confidence would waver with the bad days and be heightened with the good. I took advantage of every opportunity I could to learn, practice and perfect my skills that could make the difference. Some say it is the most humbling sport there is, even the best of the best have off days… is tournament fishing for me? could I compete?

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Ontario’s Highlands WINNING Contest Video

Smooth had the pleasure to spend a little time on the water during his “Take Your Best Shot” adventure to Limerick Lake Lodge.  This is his contest video – the facebook contest was held from August 23rd to 31st and people voted for the one that they liked the best.

WE WON!!! Couldn’t be happier and THANK YOU TO ALL OUR FANS THAT VOTED!!!

Tight Lines!