A German Christmas

What better way to celebrate Christmas than going out with the lads and fish, no?! Wrapped up the last busy days at work, finished all the shopping and now its time for a little treat. A local outing down to Walleye Bay was just what we all needed, Cpt. John D. pulled out the old shack a week ago and all was set for the day.

Greeted by a lovely sunrise over the Ottawa River, we set up camp for the day. Gps coordinates from last year made picking the right spots a breeze. Drill, flash, slush, repeat. We positioned ourselves right over a hump with a steep drop. Perfect location as this bay acts like a conveyor belt, fish will pass through this spot all day. Walleye and Pike chasing perch and crappy in and out.

“A brilliant sky, sunny and clear, might make it a tough day” John mumbles as we are about to start fishing. Sure enough the flasher is marking, solid red bars separating themselves from the bottom to investigate our offerings, but no takers. The old Williams does an excellent job calling in the Eyes from a distance but doesn’t seem to be to convincing. The change in the weather over night sure made for a tough bite.

Plan B

Downsizing is the key, switching to the ultra light with a tear drop jig and just a piece of minnow sure did the trick. Suddenly even the perch and crappy seem to be in a mood to play a little. Turning the morning in to a slap fest was unexpected but welcome, keeping us rather busy for a while. The schools of fish seem to come and go fairly fast, in and out of the flasher which tells us only one thing.

They are skittish, on the run, they are being hunted, not by us but by something that’s lurking in the depths bellow us. We want whatever is chasing them. As another swarm of perch disappears we know the big boys are just behind them. Sure enough the zoom on the flasher turns in to one solid red bar, the hit was instant.


I shouted out Rob as the ultralight bends in to an agonizing half circle, the screaming drag and solid weight at the other end lets us know that this ain’t no perch. Big fish on light tackle is where its at, nothing gets your blood more going than the constant fear of losing the biggest of the day.

A big, glossy eye pops by the hole, it’s a chunky old walleye, the tear drop barely at the tip of its mouth, no time to panic now! Gently sliding her in to the hole,

Grab, lift, secure.



A beautiful Ottawa Eye,  perfectly healthy and still full of spunk, quick photo shoot and of she goes back in to the murky dark waters.

High fives everywhere and everyone is fired up. Spending the afternoon hoping from hole to hole and chasing crappy, sunfish, perch, saugers and walleyes made for the time to fly by way to fast.



Smooth sure stole the show in the slap department, as John suddenly shouts in distress.

His rod bend down in to the hole, he got himself in to a little trouble with a good old northern, no steel and he inhaled the little spoon in true pike fashion. John cool as ice makes short process of the lunker. Grab, snap, release.

Finishing the day with a wicked evening bite, everything was still on fire but soon enough we got reminded that its Christmas and time to head home again to celebrate with our loved ones.

Merry Christmas and a happy new year from the Bassassins Headquarters, stay safe and have a wicked ice season

Tight Lines!.

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